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Are you willing to be laughed at? Are you willing to suck? Are you willing to fail?

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“Are you willing to be laughed at? Are you willing to suck? Are you willing to fail?Guess what? That’s what it takes!”

Guys, I learned a long time ago that people will laugh behind your back when they see you going after your passion and your dreams.

I also learned that you are almost never good at things at first and even a master once sucked just as bad as you do when they were starting out.

I also learned that the vast majority of the time you will fail. That’s just the way life is. Let’s face it, most of the time it seems like a good idea to just give up.

But, for people like me and I’m hoping for people like you that just ain’t in the DNA.

You see when you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you’re driven by purpose and need to follow your heart, it doesn’t matter if people laugh at you, that you suck, or that you’ll probably fail.

“Let’s get real here, if you’re not passionate then what’s the point? Hell, Id rather just roll over and die. I’m not one to live a life of monotony and I’ve never been ok with being mediocre and I hope you aren’t either.”

Passion, persistence, patience. That’s what it takes. And you gotta focus on the process.

Eventually we won’t suck so bad and things will start feeling like they are working. Eventually the same people will laugh but it will be more of a giggle of disbelief. They’ll think, “wow he/she really did it.”

And here’s the truth, you wanna talk about tragedy and failing. Here’s the real tragedy, never going after it or even worse throwing that shovel down right before you hit the gold.

Here’s the last thing I’ll leave you with on this beautiful day/night/morning/afternoon whenever you’re reading this. It’s also ok to throw in the towel and try something else as well.

The main thing is that when you look back on your life you’ll know it was your choice, you gave it your best shot, and you never gave up, you may have moved on or pivoted from time to time but you were never a quitter, big difference.

What you stick with and what you move on from is up to you but you gotta be willing to be laughed at, you gotta be willing to suck, and you gotta be willing to fail. Guess what? That’s just what it takes.

Oh yea be sure to share this, let’s change the world guys! It all starts with us!

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