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Leap of Faith: Embracing Fear to Reach New Heights

In life, we often face moments when our next big step feels like a leap over a chasm, a vast and unknown space between our current reality and our aspirations. The chasm may represent fear, doubt, or the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The question that looms is whether we will make it to the other side. In this blog, we'll explore the metaphor of making that daring leap, drawing parallels to facing our fears, taking a running start, and committing to the journey.

I’m at one of those places right now. I’m beginning to strategize and about to begin my next push and there is fear involved. Will it work, will it not work? Am I spending my time wisely? But in order to jump high we must bend our knees. In order to jump far we must get a running start. So we need to keep going. 

Imagine standing on the edge of a precipice, preparing to jump over a deep chasm. The chasm symbolizes the fear that holds us back from pursuing our goals, dreams, and aspirations. It can be fear of failure, rejection, or the unknown. Just like the real chasm, we face the risk of falling short and never reaching the other side.

Ever feel that way? Like the fear of heights right? you keep telling yourself “don’t look down.” 

To jump the chasm, we must build momentum. It's just like getting a running start before the leap. As we gather speed and confidence, our commitment becomes our momentum, propelling us forward. Each step we take with unwavering determination adds to our momentum. That leap takes one thing unwavering faith. 

When we're committed and focused, there's no turning back. We reach that critical moment when we're in mid-air, the chasm beneath us, and there's only one option: to make it to the other side. The choice to commit to our journey becomes our lifeline, pushing us to strive for success and ignore the fear of failure.

Fear can be paralyzing, but it can also be the fuel that propels us further. By facing our fears head-on, we develop courage and resilience. Like I always say “Courage isn’t the absence of fear it’s the willingness to face it and walk through it,” or in this case leap through it.   As we approach the chasm, fear may try to halt our progress in other words we may decide to hesitate or even quit. However, with our commitment firmly in place, we choose to leap, acknowledging the fear but not letting it control our destiny, we are. 

Life is full of metaphorical chasms, challenging leaps, and moments of uncertainty. The path to success often involves leaping into the unknown, fueled by our commitment, faith, courage, and a desire to reach the other side. By building momentum, running toward our goals, and embracing fear as a catalyst, we can overcome our chasms. In the end, it's not about whether the leap is risky; it's about our commitment to making it. After all, it's better to jump than to try to stop and stay on the edge of what could be or look back at your life at what could have been. 

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